Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Gay and Lesbian Latino Art--Second is Better

I went to the second showing of ChimMaya Gallery's "Out and Out," which focuses on gay and lesbian Latino art.  Curator Steven Acevedo learned a lot from the first show, which I wrote about here

The Good Sodomite by Joey Terrill

There were some obvious differences that made this experience at ChimMaya much more enjoyable.  Last year, the work was literally annexed in another room, a small box with the art pieces crammed together.  The effect was overwhelming and dizzying.  This year, he used his main galleries with more wall space and aesthetic nuances.  It was a breathtaking experience, one that allowed me to take in a painting without being distracted by another piece inches above, below or neighboring it. 

For the most part, the work was strong with artist Hector Silva anchoring the show.  His pencil drawings still amaze me, and I kick myself for not buying his work years ago when he was showing work in specialty shops in Silverlake. 

Artists Joey Terrill, Tony de Carlo and Ariel Vargassal also made an impression.  Out-and-Out will be on view through July 24th. ChimMaya Gallery, 5283 East Beverly Blvd., LA CA, 90022 (Major Cross street is Atlantic).

Check it out: