Sunday, September 8, 2013

Landscapes by Yasunari Nakagomi

I went to the reception of a new group show at LA Artcore Gallery at the Brewery Annex.  Amber Maida and Danilo Gionnoni showed interesting work of abstracts.  However, the artist that most struck me was Tokyo based Yasunari Nakagomi.   

The first artist who came to mind was Mark Rothko--not that Nakagomi's work resembles Rothko.  Indeed, it was the complete opposite of Rothko that made the work interesting.  While Rothko worked in floating blocks of color, Nakagomi's work seemed to be a blur of just one color. 
Artist Ysaunari Nakagomi next to one of his paintings
His abstract landscape paintings aren't of  a particular place, though he confessed they remind him of the Japanese mountainsides.  His work could be mountains or desserts or oceans.  They recollect a place of memory or fantasy.
Landscape #1034, 84x60, oil on canvas mounted on panel
He works with one color, shading or lightening areas.  He said in Japan he uses silver or gold gesso which, I think, adds to the ethereal quality of his work.  He'll do a painting in one sitting, which truly captures a moment in his mind or soul.
Landscape #876, 52x41, acrylic and oil on paper mounted on panel
In this set of paintings, he uses horizontal lines with vertical brush work.  His techniques requires the use of wide brushes or squeegees

Landscape #892 43.5x30, acrylic on paper
He works with these "landscapes of the mind" because he said real landscapes can be seen anywhere, particularly on the internet.  These landscapes only exist within the artist. 
The show runs until September 29th. 

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